Meet the Trainers

Accountants in a former life, we both decided to follow our passion of exercise and helping people. We both trained to become personal trainers while living in Auckland. We made the move back to Wanganui for a better quality of life and the region we both love.


Wanganui Bootcamp - Meet the Trainers - Amanda

I have always enjoyed running and netball, however as is often the case, I gave them up when I left School.

Netball, running and other exercise eluded me until 2011 when I decided (with about 15 extra kilo’s) that it was time to take my health into my own hands.

I have gone from knowing nothing about health and fitness and being too scared to even enter a gym to being able to deadlift over twice my body weight. My goal is to help people become healthier and realise that exercise can be a lot of fun.

As one of New Zealand’s top powerlifters I want to teach people that you do not need to do hours of cardio a day to get the body you have always wanted. I know how hard it can be to get started as I have been there before, let us get you there quicker! I am a certified Metafit & MetaPwr coach as well as a Precision Nutrition Coach.


Meet the Trainers - Kyle - Wanganui Bootcamp

As a child of the 80’s growing up watching action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone kicking arse on TV it seemed natural to be fascinated and drawn to developing a strong looking physique.

Fast forward to the present and with over a decade of gym experience under my belt and a personal training certificate I decided to say goodbye to the office cubical and dedicate my life to helping others develop the body that they have always wanted.

As a competitive natural bodybuilder I know what it takes to build muscle and strength and lose bodyfat. I have also recently taken up powerlifting and love helping people realise their strength through Wanganui Barbell.

Amanda & Kyle - Wanganui Bootcamp

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