Will this be suitable for all ages and abilities?
Yes! We will ensure that everyone can participate in all the sessions regardless of your age or ability. We’ve had members join in from as young as 16 and up to late 60’s! We’ve even had some members kids join in on occasion from as young as 8! Exercises can be scaled to make them easier or harder depending on your circumstances.

Can I attend just one session?
Unfortunately at this stage we will not be doing casual sessions for Bootcamp, if you want to trial a session before committing to a full 6 weeks, please do get in touch. Our Metafit Bodyweight HIIT Sessions  & MetaPwr Sessions can be attended on a casual basis – check out our current timetable to see when our next class is. These sessions are $10 each or $8 each when a 10 card concession is purchased.

Do I have to pay everything all in one go?
If you’re worried about having to make a large payment all at once, we can arrange a payment plan provided the full cost of the bootcamp is paid prior to the end of the intake. We require a minimum $30 deposit to secure your spot, or $50 deposit for our 12 Week Challenge.  E-mail us to enquire about this wanganuibootcamp@gmail.com

What is the difference between the Standard and Deluxe Bootcamps?
There are two main differences between the Standard and Deluxe Bootcamps. Deluxe Bootcamps give you all of the benefits of the Standard Bootcamps and you also have the flexibility to attend as many sessions as you like each week, if you are planning on attending 4-5 sessions per week, this is the most cost effective option. The other major benefit is that Deluxe Bootcamp members get personalised nutritional advice tailored especially for them. We chat with you about your current nutritional intake, your goals and assist in adjusting your nutritional intake to reach your goals faster. We can also take your measurements at the beginning and end of the intake in your Deluxe or 12 Week Challenge membership.

What if I am worried about turning up by myself?
Arrive a few minutes before the first session and introduce yourself to your friendly trainers, we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and make new friends!

Will I be yelled at?
Definitely not! The aim of the sessions are to have fun, burn calories, develop strength. We are not drill Sargents and we are here to ensure you meet your goals while having fun.

What if I have a minor injury? Ie. Sprained wrist
Please let our trainers know if you have any injuries which we need to work around. We will be able to assess whether or not the injury will impede your workout and make adjustments to exercises so as to not aggravate the injury. In most cases minor injuries can be worked around and you will still be able to participate in the sessions.

What if I get injured and cannot continue?
If you are unable to attend your bootcamp due to poor health or injury then all you need to do is provide us with a Doctors certificate stating how long you’ll be off training for and you can suspend your remaining sessions for up to six months and resume your training once back to health.

What if I miss a session during my intake?
Sessions can not be made up, however if you miss a day of the week you usually attend, for example a wednesday you can attend both the thursday and friday session to make up your number of sessions for the week. If you are going to be away for a week or more of an intake, get in touch with us and we can organise a pro-rata rate for you.

What if I want to do a mixture of morning and evenings?
Not a problem at all! Our membership structure is done on a per session basis as opposed to a morning or evening structure. Just choose if you want to attend 2, 3 or unlimited sessions per week and come along to any sessions during the week which fit your membership (ie. if you Register for 3 sessions per week, you can attend any three sessions – morning or evening, any day of the week). The exceptions to this is our 9am mums and bubs session, if you have a Bub you plan on bringing to this session you must register for the Mums and Bubs sessions – this is due to restricting the class to a very small number due to having the bubs there.

Can I attend the Mums and Bubs 9am Session without a Bub?
If you wish to attend the 9am session without a bubs that is not a problem, no need to advise us, just use this as one of your sessions.

What should I wear?
Whatever exercise clothes you are comfortable in. Bring a warm layer to wear at the start that you can take off when you warm up. Please also wear comfortable exercise shoes.

What if I have a large group or want to do personal training?
Just send us an email with your details and requirements and we can discuss your options!

What if I want to pull out of my intake?
Cancellation 10 days or more prior to your intake start date:
A refund less a cancellation fee of $49.

Cancellation within 10 days of your intake start date:
No refund, however a credit may be issued at our discretion for use within six months.

Once your course has started no refund or credit will be issued.

Where do you run?

We currently operate out of the Wanganui Softball Club Rooms at 29 Puriri Street in Gonville – there are indoors and outdoors areas where we can workout.